Upcoming R/GA talks

In the coming weeks, members of the R/GA Technology team will be appearing at several conferences. Join us live if you can and keep a lookout for commentary and pieces of their presentations appearing on the Tech Blog.

UPDATE: We’ve added slides for “Selling the Mobile Web.”


Breaking Development – September 12-14, Nashville, TN

“Selling the Mobile Web”
by Brad Frost and Jack Bishop

This presentation will show you how to execute a mobile web project successfully with a cross-disciplinary team. We’ll provide a set of helpful tools and practices to get you started and help educate your coworkers and clients at the same time.

Topics discussed include:

  • Selling the mobile-first philosophy and strategy
  • Using mobile as an excuse to develop a strong content strategy
  • When to go native/hybrid/mobile web
  • Overcoming “App-itis” (people’s tendency to think anything made for mobile needs to be a native app)
  • When to create a separate mobile site and when to create a responsive/adaptive website
  • How to excite project stakeholders without overwhelming them


Adobe MAX – October 3-5, Los Angeles, CA

“R/GA’s Strategies for Successful Multiscreen Implementations”
Peter Cole & Yasmin Nestlen

See how one of the world’s leading digital agencies, R/GA, delivers campaigns that scale across devices, screen resolutions, and operating platforms. This presentation will reveal the best practices and strategic approaches that R/GA deploys. R/GA will showcase successful initiatives and discuss the strategic thinking behind each project, as well as their overall impact.


Web Design Day – Pittsburgh, PA, October 1

“Unraveling the Mobile Web”
by Brad Frost

This session will explain why we need to start prioritizing the mobile web and begin tackling the perpetually-fuzzy mobile context. It will also introduce best practices to help strategists, UX designers, visual designers and developers execute exceptional mobile web projects.

We’ll go over all the juicy bits: why “native vs web” is rubbish, how responsive web design can fit into a mobile strategy, when to create a mobile web app and more. You’ll be all set to start asking the right questions and start creating great mobile web user experiences.


AndroidOpen – October 12, San Francisco, CA

“Android Open Mini Maker Faire”
by Will Turnage

Will Turnage will be making an appearance at the Mini Maker Faire with his Twitter-enabled shirt. Using Arduino, Bluetooth and Android, watch as your tweets make the eyes light up on his skull shirt.