Twitter Tea Time: What’s Happening at Twitter

Over the last couple of months Twitter has been hosting a series of events for developers in their San Francisco HQ. However, because they felt they were excluding a lot of developers that work with their platform they started to sponsor Developer Teatime to share insight with the community and help spread more knowledge of the Twitter platform.

A few weeks ago, the R/GA Office in Buenos Aires hosted a Developer Teatime with over 40 members of the local development community.  Members of the R/GA BA team gave a presentation on Twitter’s API: REST, Search, Streaming and Twitter for websites.  This was followed by a Q&A session with Jason Costa and Arne Roomann-Kurrik from Twitter.

The attendees had a number of questions for the Twitter representatives, with emphasis around the importance of the the Latin America community and Twitter’s desire to get more involved in the region. Other questions were about how to use the API for data visualization and if we can expect Twitter to update their API to allow easier access to data for this purpose.

Jason told us that at Twitter they noticed that users in the LATAM region don’t use geolocalization as much as in the USA or Europe. In order to revert this trend, Twitter will help the developers to create apps that will engage their users to share their location more.

Jason also explained that around 60% of Twitter’s users are coming from mobile so they want to improved their mobile apps, adding more functionality and providing better interaction with the platform.

From the Q&A Session we can say that Twitter would like for developers to focus on three main areas

  • Content Generation: How to generate valuable tweets
    • Jason told us they also want the Twitter platform to work as a tool to allow the developer to create apps that bring more value to the consumers. Using Twitter as a platform to engage the users to use more both Twitter and our Apps

Following the Q&A session,  R/GA, Zauber and other audience members presented interesting business cases where applications were built on top of Twitter’s API.

It was a fun night at the R/GA Office and the response from Twitter was excellent. We hope that our office will be able to host more of these sessions in the future.

Twitter has a lot on their plate for the platform and they expect to continue consolidating their API and provide useful data and information to the development community to continue to build apps around the platform.