The Future of the Mobile Web: A View from BDConf

I just got back from the Breaking Development Conference that was held in Orlando, Florida. It was a gathering of some of the best minds working in the mobile web right now, and every session was brimming with insight into how to think and create for the web in this increasingly diverse landscape.

Some themes emerged over the course of the conference. The first is that mobile is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re seeing a massive shift in what’s possible as we quickly moving towards an era of ubiquitous computing. And while mobile is an important part of the landscape, it’s ultimately only piece of a much larger puzzle.

The second theme that emerged is that we urgently need to focus on content and its infrastructure. It’s not about native. It’s not about websites. It’s not about Facebook apps. It’s about creating meaningful content and valuable services that exist wherever our users may be. Investing in APIs and robust content management systems will be essential for us to adapt.

The final theme is the continued evolution of responsive web design. As it turns out, flexible layouts are relatively easy compared to everything else that goes into creating adaptive experiences. It requires a lot of thought and consideration to deliver a fully-featured experience to mobile devices while still optimizing performance, interactions and more.

All in all the conference was absolutely amazing and has once again changed the way I think about mobile and the web’s important role in it. I’m honored to be speaking at the next BDConf in Dallas and look forward to even more insightful presentations and conversations.

Here are all of my slides from all the BDConf talks: