SuperHappyDevHouse in Singapore


Hackathon. Barcamp. Hack Day. Lightning Talks. Developer meetups.

If any of these makes sense to you, you will not be a stranger to SuperHappyDevHouse (SHDH). SuperHappyDevHouse is an international series of non-exclusive events targeted at developers, the “hacker” community and basically anyone who’s passionate about technology. At the heart of it, SHDH is a hackfest but it’s also a great event to attend if you want to have fun building things, learning from peer programmers and meeting like-minded people.

R/GA was a proud sponsor of the inaugural SuperHappyDevHouse in Asia, hosted right in Singapore on 14th May. It was an all day and night hackfest that started in the early afternoon, stretched into the wee hours of the night and ended in following morning.

Photo courtesy of Martin Brochhaus

There were no sales elevator pitches or VCs, just a bunch of strangers who met for the first time and shared project ideas that they wanted to work on. Sitting space was limited but it definitely didn’t matter to programmers who were huddling elbow-to-elbow at long desks and hacked away at it for hours. Nothing a little passion can’t fix.

The result of this? Over 200 people turned up from 5 different countries and were programming away throught the night, came up with a dozen working prototypes in total and presented to audience at the event.

All these in 20 hours.

SHDH SG was the first of many to come. We look forward to being part of this event again and reaching out to even more people for the next round!