R/GA at Cannes

The following post was written by Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer from Cannes:


In some of its ads, Nike claims to give athletes an “Unfair Advantage”. This week at Cannes I felt as though it was R/GA that had an unfair advantage. We had our best week on our industry’s biggest stage, thanks to work that was smart and interesting; but most of all, it was work that worked.

When the attendees here at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity look at Nike plus Fuelband, most see work that is out of their reach. Art director and Copywriter teams stand slack jawed, spilling their rose on the beach, mystified by the technical achievement of Fuelband. And then they start asking themselves the wrong question. “What digital production company could we get to make our groovy ideas work?” Instead, they need to recognize that the work that R/GA does is the result of answering a more fundamental question; “Who’s on a team that can come up with great ideas and then make them work?”

We forget how unusual our culture of cross discipline, creative and technical collaboration is. While many of our competitors bring in digital talent to augment their teams (and then give them the desperately lonely role as change-agents), we know that teams that make ideas work are teams that don’t separate art from science.