Prototype it first!

To create innovative brand experiences we typically have to think outside existing paradigms.  Understanding a user’s reaction to the paradigm shift is critical but not always easy.  Luckily we have tools to anticipate a user’s reaction.  Prototyping the idea first can save time and lead to a better end product.


It’s common to see a variety of drawings and thoughts about how the designers are going to implement their work in visual design.  Copyrwriters create many versions of a text to choose one that expresses the idea in the best way.  Similarly, developers can express concepts in code, testing different ideas of interaction and experience.

Building long-lived platforms requires the involvement of all the disciplines within an agency – copywriters, visual designers, interaction designers, developers, and more. Prototypes can be a quick way to find the best solution to a branding problem.  And when it comes time to build the actual product, a prototype can prove invaluable for an increasingly global development team who might not have all the context.  Prototypes are not just about utilizing the new offerings in the landscape to build things with.

The Breakthrough

Developing software that changes behaviors and impacts people’s lives while building a solid impression of the brand with consumers is a tough mission. Having programmers who can bring prototypes to brainstorms to prove concepts and explain why things work the way they do are a key part of the process.  Sometimes great solutions are discovered with working code.

Prototyping first is a great way of simulating user experience and discovering tiny changes that can be the breakthrough in the process and drive innovation within agencies so much further.