It’s Time We Got Excited for the Self Driving Car

It’s hard to think of an imminent technology that will have more of an effect on our lives than the self driving car.

The world we live in is built around the idea that we drive somewhere, leave the car in a parking spot, do something, then get in the same car and drive home.  We take out huge loans to buy these expensive machines to do little more than take us from point A to point B.  We buy pricey insurance on those machines and we drive them distracted, tired, drunk, and aggressively.  We fix them and we sell them.  We buy houses in expensive real estate markets along train and bus lines and we drive into the city and pay an ungodly amount of money for parking.  Oh and those expensive machines we buy sit there unused about 92% of the time if you only drive 2 hours a day.

There’s a major life disruption coming.

You don’t need to drive a self-driving car – you can spend driving time working or relaxing. You don’t need to park an self driving car – the car can park itself and will not take up valuable space along our city streets and in parking garages. You don’t need to own an self driving car – they could be Zipcars that come to you when you need them.

Somehow this promise hasn’t translated into the excitement that should exist for such a life-altering change.  Google news results for self driving car: 47,900. Google news results for Half Life 3: 3,110,000.  Keep in mind that the self driving car is something that has actually been produced and approved by the Nevada DMV.  No one even knows if Half Life 3 is being developed.

Regardless, I’m excited.  We’re very close to having this technology available soon.  So who’s with me?   We’re taking our self driving cars through the quad and into the gymnasium, come on everybody!