Projects supporting the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Centre for Creative Collaboration in London hosted a meetup event about Internet of Things (IoT) and here are a couple talks which I think stood out from the rest.

Neul –
These folks are basically developing hardware and infrastructure in order to connect Machine-to-Machine (M2M) by using the free TV white space spectrum. They already have some major players on board. Next year they will release a chip which is the size of a nail and cost £2-
3. It will become so small that it’ll be embeddable anywhere and so low cost that it’ll be nearly disposable.
Imagine your car fixing itself or gas meter being connected to the grid so you don’t need to provide your readings. Check out this page for all the use –

Nanode –
This board is based on the principal of trying to make electronic to work like Lego. Nanode is an open source Arduino-like board that has in-built web connectivity. It connects to a range of wireless, wired and ethernet interfaces. It allows you to develop web based sensor and control systems – giving you web access to six analogue sensor lines and six digital I/O lines. It costs under £20 as an easy build it yourself kit. Nanode was designed with Hacking in mind. – this is if you are interested in building your own Nanode.

I think the Neul project is genius, it will make use of all this unused frequencies and turn them into something that will potentially add great value to everybody life by connecting devices to devices. Just by looking at the application where the technology can be applied it’s just amazing what is coming up. However there’s a catch 22 here because the technology will be so small and so cheap it could be embedded and anywhere such as carry bags, packaging and track people’s behaviours and where abouts. I guess this opens up a new market for scanners/detectors – this might be a good idea for a business.

I don’t think Nanode is a replacement to Arduino but it offers a bit more without the purchase of a shield since carries wireless, a RJ45 connector and a SDCard storage connector. I think this is a great board for the price and definitely be a great ally for connecting devices to the Internet or even collect data which could be stored on Pachube.

This was the first event of its kind in London but I think with the success of yesterday evening I could see the event become more and more popular as more and more devices, objects and things get connected to the Internet.