HTML5 and Gaming: Devup Barcelona

Last week, I was lucky enough to give a talk at Devup, the HTML5 developer conference in Barcelona. Devup attracts a variety of developers and this year had a focus on using HTML5 (and friends) to develop rich experiences and in particular, games in the browser.

Being primarily a Web guy, I’m not experienced at game design or game development and so it was fascinating to me to take a glimpse into that world. Darius Kazemi of Bocoup made an interesting point, that game developers and web developers can learn a great deal from each other, especially at a time when we are exploring processor intensive, rich visual effects in browsers.

Not all of the talk was about building games on the web. There were plenty of discussions about responsive web design, and I really liked the presentation by Javier Usobiaga whose beautiful slides you can find on Speakerdeck.

Miguel Schneider of Telifonica Digital gave an interesting glimpse at their emerging mobile Open Web Device which had many of us imagining the kind of creations we could build on it with web technologies.

I was a little alarmed at the final panel of the event, who discussed their adventures into developing in modern browsers with a disturbing lack of apparent care for accessibility. Thankfully, the opinions voiced on Twitter about this echoed that of my own, suggesting that the community in attendance were more cognizant of the importance of accessibility.

I gave my talk, “Excessive Enhancement”, about why we should take care of the fundamentals of the web, and the dangers of being seduced by the possibilities afforded to us by some modern browsers.

You can find my slides and video of the session along with other coverage from the event on Lanyrd