Facebook Developer Network Redux

R/GA attended last week’s summit where Facebook announced the re-launch of their developer network, now called the Preferred Marketing Developer Program (PMD).  Building social applications and managing pages on Facebook is a rather complex process.  There is a good deal of knowledge overhead involved in the simplest of platform integrations that it makes sense for Facebook to provide a guide to those who are known for doing this well time again and time again.

Beyond the change in name, there were several changes designed to allow the program to scale.  Facebook created four areas of expertise: Pages, Ads, Apps, and Insights.  Each area is represented by a badge  so a potential client can quickly assess each partner’s strengths. The second major change is the creation of a directory  that allows a potential client to search and filter based on specific partner competencies.  

These moves all make a great deal of sense considering the direction Facebook is moving in and their Ad monetization model.  The program needed to scale and globalize, and these changes appear positioned to deliver on that requirement.