The Cloud has an Address – 43831 Devin Shafraon Drive

43831 Devin Shafron Dr, Dulles, Loudoun, Virginia 20148 - Amazon DatacenterLike a magician making a card miraculously appear in your shirt pocket, cloud providers create the illusion your applications and data are everywhere and all it takes is a browser or web service to make them reappear anytime on any device.

This week the illusion was spoiled by an Amazon network event, and for 36 hours we were reminded the cloud isn’t everywhere. It’s someplace, and it turns out the address is 43831 Devin Shafraon Drive, Ashburn Virginia. We found out when something bad happens in that building, this blog goes away. Fortunately, not all was lost; the pros at Amazon made our application reappear — it just took a bit longer than usual.