10gen Presents mongodb For Developers at R/GA U

If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from our clients it’s that they will come to us with interesting problems that require creative solutions.  Sometimes these solutions take us into uncharted territory.  For that reason, it’s essential we stay on top of the latest industry trends.

A few years ago R/GA University was established to provide a framework for our continued personal and professional growth.  The hour long talks have ranged from presentations on OAuth 2.0 by R/GA guru Bruno Rovagnati (@ropu) to thoughts on innovation by Bill Buxton.

Yesterday we were honored to welcome Kyle Banker (@Hwaet) from 10gen – creators of mongodb – who gave a great talk about how mongodb can help solve some of our clients’ thorniest problems.

Mongodb prides itself in hitting the sweet spot between the comfort of traditional relational databases and more modern NoSQL solutions.  In my experience mongodb gets it exactly right, giving the developer a familiar JSON-driven interface while supporting all the standard SQL features like sorting result sets and indexes.

In the interests of fairness, Kyle also pointed out some of the shortcomings of mongodb as well, namely:

  • mongodb isn’t ACID compliant
  • The geospatial query support in mongodb is still immature
  • Although mongodb’s ability to scale is legendary, in his experience most web applications don’t end up needing these features.

I was also impressed by one last piece of trivia: Kyle is the author of the awesome mongodb online interactive shell.

Many thanks to 10gen and Kyle for spending some time with our development team.